Your New Travel Assistant.


Roger is a personalized and proactive virtual travel assistant, developed using a combination of AI and a network of expert human assistants.


Having Roger as a trusted assistant allows your team to focus on what's important for your business and delegate travel chores to him.


Just message him your needs and get back to your day.



Call Delta and wait on hold, or use that time to close a deal?


The average Road-Warrior spends the equivalent of 4 working weeks dealing with travel chores per year. This is not time well spent on high value activities such as closing deals or calling prospects. 1 in 4 business trips need to be rescheduled or cancelled for one reason or another. Dealing with these yourself is a major headache and a productivity drain for your team.

Last minute travel bookings cost a whole lot extra.


Busy employees are multi-tasking too much -  booking travel is not top of mind (nor should it be). Resulting procrastination costs your business a ton of money, as air fares increase drastically in the last 2 weeks before your trip.  Roger is harnessing the power of  modern data science,  AI & conversational UI to book in advance. Just recently, he helped one of our customers save $136,000 for a team of 100 road-warriors. That is money directly towards your bottom line.

Management has no visibility


DIY travel empowers employees to make their own decisions and use the tools they like, when they like. However, we find that consumer oriented DIY tools do not offer any visibility to management about who is booking travel, when they are booking it, and for how much. Expense report based visibility is often too little too late.

In a recent customer example, we found that instant visibility allowed a Manager to offer timely feedback, resulting in valuable money savings. This middle ground of empowering employees while providing visibility is a win-win situation - for employees and employers alike.



When you hire Roger, he becomes a part of your team - a trusted co-worker. He's that office manager you've always needed but never hired.  

No app to download.

Yes, you read that right.


Message Roger just like you message other colleagues - Text, Email, Slack and so on. Roger comes integrated with almost everything that you might use as your collaboration platform. You don't have to pick one or the other.  Roger is there no matter where you are -  message him from wherever is convenient for you. CC him in emails, DM him in Slack or even leave a voicemail for him.




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