Mauricio Padilla

Roger really went above and beyond for us when we had to cancel flights. He resolved a credit policy issue and recovered over $900 in air credits we would have otherwise lost. Most importantly, he did it without me having to lift a finger!

Henk Jekel

At first I was very skeptical, preferred to arrange my travels myself, but was immediately blown away by the fast response and extensive possibilities that were offered, including giving all relevant details.

Vishal Pandya

Being a frequent traveler, I see the value in Roger, that's why I plan to have my top road Warriors with Roger as their assistant as well.

Karl Driesen

Roger is great, having him as an assistant for the EMEA team has reduced a lot of pain for my sales team.

Jerry Rijnbeek

I have been using OK Roger for about a year now and it has drastically reduced the time it takes me to find, book, board and change my travel.

Gerry Solenthaler

The reaction time on requests is extremely fast and it makes my life so much easier not to check all the options on potential travel. I like the proactivity on some of my trips and especially that all details are available to me in my agenda. He even checks me in and provides me all the details needed.

Rolland Miller

There’s a tremendous amount of time and effort that’s involved in managing my travel. To be able to have Roger do that for me is awesome!

Tom Kieley

Roger has been a great addition to our growing team at Sourceday. Our Sales team is on the road weekly and having an assistant for every traveler has saved us time and money. On multiple occasions, Roger has saved me from missed connections and continues to pay for itself.

Eric Allen

I love having an assistant that helps stay on top of my schedule. In the past, I may have delayed booking these trips, costing me and my company time and money.

Roger works great for me and my team!

Rikard Stjernman

Everyone at Rubrik is so impressed with Roger that we show him off every chance we get. It is important that Rubrik convey that we are disruptive - one way to do that is by using innovative tools like Roger.

Seth Redmore

Roger is my executive assistant, except that he is always with me everywhere I am, doesn't go home at 5PM or weekends, and is affordable even by penny -pinching CEO standards.

​If you don't have a jet, get Roger.

Nicolas Groh

Chat is faster: I just tell Roger where and when I want to go, and he goes off. And the asynchronous nature of communication is better for me. At another company, we had to call an Amex agent. That’s the most painful thing I did in my life. It would take up to half hour as the agent searched for flights and checked Amadeus.