Get Your Time Back

Why spend precious time searching and booking travel? Let Roger handle it while you work.

Get the Flight You Want

Roger searches for flights
the way you would by getting
​to know you and how you make choices. Or if you prefer, search for your flight in your favorite app and text it to him using the Share button. 

Get Ready for Takeoff

He gets you organized, checks you in, gets you the seat you want while you sleep in.


Cant go on the Trip? Going to miss your connection? He's got your back. You go sip beer or work up that deck. He'll negotiate change fees with the airlines on your behalf!


Group Travel Logistics

Text Roger to plan your QBR or get people together to a conference. He'll make sure to follow up so they book on time, Fly together and share an Uber if that makes sense 

Get Visibility

Seamless integration with modern platforms allows you to see who's booking travel, right there in the Slack channel or if you'd like, set up custom triggers

Know Where People Are

Disasters happen! Are your employees safe?  A map view shows you all your employees when they travel, overlaid with important world events. 

See Trends & Analytics

Be on Top of your Spend and  Trends. Know your numbers like a Pro.


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