I am excited to share my personal travel assistant with you.

Most of us aren't lucky to have an assistant at work. This is where Roger comes in. ​Roger is a 24/7 personal assistant for road warriors like me & you.  Roger can assist you with all your travel  chores including hotels, flights, cars and trains.  He's not just a bot - he's supported by expert humans.  Message him just like you'd message an assistant in the office - he will even call the airlines on your behalf, if he has to! 

As MY personal assistant, I message Roger to take care of travel chores like: 

  1. Researching and Booking my flights, hotels, rental cars, and trains at the best rates while earning my loyalty points

  2. Checking me in for a flight, changing my seat, and even purchasing my Wi-Fi

  3. Managing my existing itineraries for changes, cancellations,  and disruptions

  4. Researching new travel itineraries for future business trips

  5. And much more........

Since you a friend, I get to invite you to have Roger for a free month

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