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What if I find a cheaper flight & lodging myself?

Finding the best flights for business travelers

When I first started OK Roger, I interviewed many business travelers about the solutions they use at their company to book travel. As you can imagine, I got a range of answers - Egencia, Carlson Wagonlit, BCD Travel and many more. Then I asked them - Why don't you use those solutions to book your personal travel too? I was expecting an answer along the lines of - I am not allowed to. But rather - the answer I got was I can find & book cheaper travel myself.

At first I was a little surprised as to why would this be the case but very soon I realized why. When I learnt the reasoning, I was even more certain that people need a better solution, which is more in tune with the modern times. We live in the information age now - I can spend time to find & discover travel inventory myself. I can compare prices and so on. Therefore the solutions that offer prices that are higher than what I can find myself, don't make much sense most of the time. Back in the day, when there was no inventory or price transparency, things were different. Now, you can go on Google Flights and search for flights yourself. Or you can surf and shop across the web using tools & search engines like Skyscanner and many others. If you are so inclined, you can go to sites like skiplagged and travel hack your way.

Most business travel platforms today continue to offer prepackaged inventory and prices that are not in tune with whats happening in the real world. I hear this from people who use Concur as well. They often have limited inventory and higher pricing - they are stuck with the deal that their platforms have negotiated with the providers, while providers are happily publishing better deals on their website or through other channels such as Hotel Tonight. Why hasn't anyone considered a solution which allows users to choose a flight that they want at the price they can see themselves? Wouldn't that be a win-win situation? If Roger can find you the best value, take him up on it. If you already have something you know you like which is better or cheaper, Roger is not going to force you down to his path. Send him a screenshot of what you have and Roger will choose that option for you.

At OK Roger, we are not restricted to using any pre-packaged inventory when it comes to searching, booking your travel. Roger is your assistant and his job is to collaboratively assist you.

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