Streamline your travel planning

Whether you are planning a complex event for your clients or your internal team, there's a lot on your plate. When you hire Roger, he becomes an extended member of your team helping you with everything from guest communication, personalized travel planning and making bookings and so on, all the way to being there for them to help them and answer their questions at every step, till they get back home.


Set up your event preferences

To start with, Roger will create a new event for you by asking you a few key questions

create events

Add your team or guest list

We've offered many convenient options for you to share your guest-list with Roger, your newly hired superhuman assistant. Ever changing guest-lists? Not a problem!


Track the booking process

Once Roger gets to work proactively communicating with your attendees , he never forgets to keep you updated on his progress, just like a great team-member should.

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