Flight Budget Calculator for event planners

Budget Planning or just trying to decide a cost-effective destination for your event? Say goodbye to manually estimating flight costs for your event.  

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Here's how it works

Just upload your guest list and watch the magic, as our smart Flight Budget Calculator automatically shows you estimated costs for a group of travelers flying from their home locations to your event city. Best of all, it is FREE - part of our commitment to continue to help event planning community

Who is it for?

Anyone who is organizing an event where you or your organization have budgetary responsibility for travel costs to your event.

What can FLIGHT bUDGET CALCULATOR do for you?

Estimating how much its going to cost to fly everyone? Whether you are aiming to keep the costs as low as possible or keeping flying time and everyone's preferences in mind, this is just another painful chore among hundreds of others on your plate. Use this FREE tool to give you ballpark estimates to help with budget planning or even selecting the destination city for your event

Here's some awesomeness built-into Flight Budget Calculator

Guests flying in from different cities or dates

Set everyone's home location in your guest-list and also change the dates they are flying if you like

Connects with Google Sheets

No more manually punching in everyone's home city into Kayak, Expedia or Google Flights. Just connect your Google Sheet to the plug-in and bingo. Use Excel? No problem - import your excel based guest-list into google sheets and bingo!

Choose a seating class for every guest

VIP guests flying business class and everyone else economy? Don't worry - we've got you covered. Just set up everyone's seating class in the guest-list before you fire off the Calculator

3 different estimates to suite your preferences

Costs can vary depending on what your preferences are. Budget Calculator will do all the leg-work to offer you 3 estimates - cheapest, best or quickest, so you can get a better idea of the range of possibilities

Estimate flight costs right from your guest list in Google Sheets

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