There's practically nothing Roger can’t do!

At OK Roger, we hire & train human experts to field your requests (aided by our AI, of-course). Once you sign up, you really DO have a personal assistant, virtual of-course. While Roger is not going to get your cappuccino, he’ll do everything to ensure your travels are taken care of. Even calling the airline or the hotel on your behalf or picking the right card to optimize your points.

Curious how? Browse along

4 minutes to get set up

Roger jots down all your travel preferences, down to the T. Then uses them for all future travel plans. The same thing happens when you customize your page. Spending a couple of minutes there eliminates tons of back and forth.

Connect your calendar

Let Roger plan 3 moves ahead. As soon as you add a meeting to your calendar, he’ll work on getting you there in style.

Share your preferences

If there’s a hotel you love staying at or specific airlines you prefer, tell Roger and he’ll adjust his recommendations accordingly.

Add loyalty programs

Roger will try to optimize for any rewards memberships you add.

Superhuman options – just a message away

There’s no app to download or learn! If you can type and talk to people, you already know how to use Roger - he’s just like your colleague, a short message away. Here are some nifty tips.

Plan a trip

Let Roger know what you want and he’ll get on it. There’s no combination of requirements too complex for him to handle.

Handling changes

Weather emergency? Change of heart? Special request? Roger will make arrangements for you.

Managing details

Roger knows your seating preferences, your favorite meals, and when to get extra legroom - by heart. Because every detail matters.

Working proactively

Connect your calendar, so Roger can anticipate where you need to be and when! Roger will start planning your travels without you even asking and message you with options that you’ll like!
Early check-in to grab the best seat. Switching flights when delays happen. Extending travel credit. Roger does it all without you lifting a finger!

Tracking preferences

No need to tell Roger twice! He records all your preferences in a “playbook” and uses it diligently every time he is planning your trips.

Personalized. Hyper-responsive. Roger.

Get the VIP experience only the CEOs have the luxury of. Until now that is. Stop wasting hours on researching flights, puzzling over flight or train connections, or listening to hold music. Sounds too good to be true? Try it out now!
You get free service for 2 months or 4 trips (whichever comes last).