Frequently asked questions

What if my guests don't want to share their travel information ?
We make an earnest attempt to collect this information on your behalf. We encourage you to specify any and all incentives to your guests so they are motivated to share this information. But ultimately, the guests can choose not to share this data.
What if I make changes to my guest list?
We recognize that guest lists can change. You can re-upload the guest list every so often or whenever you make changes to it. Roger will recognize any additions or deletions and take appropriate actions
How do I specify the guest location?
You can do it in the Origin City column in the guest list (or feel free to use our freely available guest list template here <link>)
What if most of my guests are not traveling from out of town?
Roger will only attempt to collect flight information from guests whose location is more than 100 miles away. Guests who live closer than 100 miles are ignored for the purpose of this data collection.
What is Roger for Events Starter Edition?
It's a communication & data collection platform to help you get visibility into who has booked flights to travel to your event, when are they arriving. This information helps you stay on top of your event while helping you with headcount estimation, ground transportation, answering questions from your management, and many other use-cases.
Is the guestlist and guest travel information kept confidential?
Absolutely! Information is only accessible by you and any collaborators you may add to your account. We do NOT share this with any 3rd party.
How is data privacy maintained?
We use standard authentication & encryption protocols (SSL) to ensure confidentiality
Can I delete the guest-list information after the event is complete?
Yes, you may. Please send an email to to ask for deletion. We plan to offer this capability in the control panel of the dashboard in a future release
Will you try to sell any extra services to our guests?
If they find it helpful, your guests are welcome to use our Roger for Travelers offering to help them plan their travel to the event. We offer free trials for many of our products and service. But rest assured, we will not use any gimmicky tactics or pushy marketing to your guests.
What if the event is cancelled or postponed?
We understand that in these changing times, there can be a lot of uncertainty. Please send an email to and we will do our best to support you.
I am interested in other plans. How do I upgrade?
Please send an email to At this time, we do not support in-product upgrade but will gladly do so upon request
My guests are arriving by train? Will you also provide their arrival information?
We do plan to support this capability in the near future. If you really need it, please write to us at
Can Roger send emails using my own gmail account?
Not at this point. However, this capability is on our future roadmap. If you really need it, help us prioritize it by writing to us at
How do I let my guests know that OK Roger will be collecting their flight information?
You are welcome to mention OK Roger in your events page or in any other communications to your guests. We suggest saying something as simple as "You may receive emails from an AI-powered assistant ( to help us collect your travel information".
If guests miss flights or need help with rescheduling their travel, does Roger offer any help to them?
If you are using our starter plan, then unfortunately not. This capability is only offered via our Platinum plan. However, if your guests choose to sign up with Roger for Travelers (free trial available), then yes!
I have a feature request. How do I submit it for team OK Roger to consider?
Please send an email to We are constantly adding new features to our platforms and will be happy to review your request
When will Roger start communicating with my guests?
After you hit the deploy Roger button.
What if Roger's emails end up in spam folder of my guests?
Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do about that though we try to keep our email domain clean. In the Elite and Platinum plans, we will attempt to send text messages to your guests, provided you added their phone numbers and we dont hear back from them on emails
I have some VIP guests for whom I'd like to purchase the platinum plan but get starter plan for everyone else. Is this possible?
For now, you cannot mix and match. However, you can create two different guest lists and two events and manage it that way!
Can I invite my colleagues to the dashboard?
Yes, you may. We understand that complex events can have multiple team members collaborating as event planners
Do you offer any discounts for the Platinum plan?
Yes, we will offer discounts on a case by case basis. Please email
I'd like to use the platinum plan but have the guests pay the service fees. Is that possible?
Yes, we will be able to set it up that way even though currently its not possible to do it in the product. If you prefer that, please email us at and we will make arrangements
How does purchase order work for paying for flights?
If you'd like to pay for flights for a large number of people, credit cards are often not sufficient. To handle this, you can setup a payment facility with our bank. Instructions for that are emailed to you when you create an event and choose payment by P.O.
If I use the Purchase Order facility, do I have to pay for all the flights in advance?
No. You can make some initial deposits for us to start booking flights. As we book flights the balance will go down and you will get automatically refill reminders so you can make timely arrangements to ensure that flight booking continues as your guests finalize their plans