Free Event Planning Templates

How do you ensure that the right people in your event planning team have access to the right information at the right time about every guest?

The key to being a successful event planner is being very organizeddetail oriented - this is how you dress to impress in this career. There are a ton of minute details to keep track of and this information is often buried in text messages & emails. It's almost impossible to remember all these details for every guest.  

Many event planners use spreadsheets to keep their guest-list information organized. This ensures all the data is in one place.  With both Microsoft and Google offering easy collaboration, this also helps ensure that the right people in your team have access to the information such as

Who is Vegetarian or Vegan?
Who are the VIPs?
Where are they flying from?

Instead of having to start from scratch, we are offering two Excel templates that you can use as a starting point to keep your guest list organized (if you use Google Sheets, it's relatively easy to import an Excel template into that as well).